Moments like these are rare – even for the most accomplished. I must admit: I read through the brochure cover-to-cover!

What are you currently considering that would force you to become a better version of yourself in order to accomplish? Read this post and DO IT!

Be the Change

So this wasn’t at all how I envisioned signing up for my first IM. I was asked by a colleague about doing a triathlon in Couer d’Alene next year-2013, so I checked it out and it was only a 6.5hr drive from our place and I could of sworn I saw on the web a 70.3 option. So I thought- that will definitely be a challenge for me, I have only done an Olympic distance and the swim in that one was hard enough-so I knew 70.3 would be tough for me.  I just had a friend do a 70.3 and I was very inspired. So I agree and say, ya we will go, Warren and I. Then I go to sign up and realize there isn’t a 70.3 option at all-I can’t find it anywhere. I email Wes and say, “ya know I only intended on doing the half…

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