My Favorite Things List

One of my preferred exercises in coaching is to have people create their own, “My Favorite Things” list: what makes life taste good, increases your joy; what do you love to do, eat, play, etc.  From simple and free to complex and expensive, leave nothing off.

Tony Robbins explained this concept during a Larry King interview on New Year’s Day 2006; I had a lengthy but inspired flight from Vancouver to Montréal to cultivate my own list.  Since then, my List has grown and I have discovered several truths:

1) during the natural course of life, I do many of these things – except now? I pause & recognize that this was a great moment. Life brightens…

2) I have manufactured more of these moments; life’s too short to not do these things regularly.

3) The vast majority of my Favorite Things are free.

4) Since meeting Kristy 13 years ago, some of the best are shared.

A sample from my List:

Writing in my journal

Smelling my children’s hair after a bath

Nachos with salsa

Runner’s high

Speaking to an audience and seeing the light bulbs illuminate

Writing with a Mont Blanc pen

Filet Mignon cooked to medium rare with a full-bodied Red

Learning new music on my acoustic, electric or bass guitars

Feel free to grab any from my list that inspire you – and share some of yours!


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